Chapter 1 (and part 2)

Chapter 2

Chapter 3: Trouble in Paradise

Chapter 4: Uncharted Territory

Chapter 5: The Long Line of Long Lives

Chapter 6: Starting Over . . . sort of

Chapter 7: All Aboard!

Chapter 8: The Flood is Finished

Chapter 9: Brave New World

Chapter 10: The Powers are People

Chapter 11: Settlers of Haran

Chapter 12: Bless You!

Chapter 13: Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems

Chapter 14: “Mel” and Mel(chizedek)

Chapter 15: The Covenant Overture

Chapter 16: Three’s A Crowd

Chapter 17: You Want Me To What?!

Chapter 18: One For The Ladies (Guest post by Andrea Garner)

and part 2: The Negotiator!

Chapter 19: Good Ol’ Family Fun!

Chapter 20: Tip of the Hat, Wag of the Finger

Chapter 21: It’s A Boy!

Chapter 22: The First Love

Chapter 23: A Eulogy for Sarah

Chapter 24: The First Love . . . Story

Chapter 25: Haikus and Hermanos

Chapter 26: Like Father, Like Son

Chapter 27: Bless You II: The Revenge!

Chapter 28: Sweet Dreams!

Chapter 29: Romantic Comedy

Chapter 30: A Reproductive Rumble and part 2: Sheepy Shenanigans

Chapter 31: How TO Restore Unity

Chapter 32: Wrestlemania

Chapter 33: Dear Esau . . .

Chapter 34: You Kinda Had It Comin’

Chapter 35: 1, 2, 3 . . . R.I.P.

Chapter 36: Esau’s Kids

Chapter 37: I Wonder (guest post by Lindsay Goodwin)

Chapter 38: That’s Messed Up!

Chapter 39: What to Do When The World Craps On You

Chapter 40: Two Guys Walk Into a Jail

Chapter 41: In the Land of His Suffering (Guest post by Lucy Mills)

Chapter 42: This Just Got Interesting (and  “What Would You Do“)

Chapter 43: Joseph is The Man

Chapter 44: People Change

Chapter 45: What’s REALLY Been Going On

Chapter 47: Slave Nation

Chapter 48: Mixed Blessings

Chapter 49: Famous Last Tweets

Chapter 50: The End of the Beginning


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