Chapter 1: The Sound of Sacrifice (Guest Post for Rachel Held Evans)

Chapter 2: Grain Offerings

Chapter 3: All Fat Is The Lord’s

Chapter 4: We All Make Mistakes

Chapter 5: Guilty Sinner!

Chapter 6: A Day In The Life

Chapter 7: Eat Up!

Chapter 8: Priests! We Got Priests Here!

Chapter 9: First Day on the Job

Chapter 10: What NOT To Do

Chapter 11: Clean and Unclean Foods

Chapter 12: Babies!

Chapter 13: Skin Disease Flow Chart

Chapter 14: Home Improvement

Chapter 15: Interview With Rachel Held Evans

Chapter 16: Twas The Day of Atonement

Chapter 17: There Will Be Blood

Chapter 18: The One About Sex

Chapter 19: Pop Quiz!

Chapter 20: Punishment

Chapter 21: The Price of Priesthood

Chapter 22: Cleanliness and Holiness

Chapter 23: Six Reasons to Party!

Chapter 24: Teachable Moment

Chapter 25 part 1: God’s Economy

Chapter 25 part 2: One More Year

Chapter 26: If You . . . I Will

Chapter 27: An Odd Way To End

The Story So Far: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus

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