Genesis 42: What Would You Do?

Oh, there is so much to talk about in regards to Genesis 42. But as I was studying it I kept having this nagging thought that I would rather hear your thoughts about it first.

So I think we should play a little game called “What Would You Do?” No, not the old Nickelodeon game show with the pie pod that was hosted by Mark Summers of “Double Dare” fame.

In this game, I want to know what you would do if you had been in the same situation as a character in the Biblical Story. This is a judgment-free zone so your honest answer will be the most helpful and the most interesting.

Here’s Your Situation:

Years ago, your family betrayed you by selling you into slavery. Why? They were jealous.

Since then, life has been a bit of a roller coaster: Indentured servitude, people trying to molest you, false accusations of attempted rape, prison, respect in said prison, helping people out, then asking those people for help and having them forget all about you.

But then your luck starts to turn.

A golden opportunity comes your way and you make the most of it. Suddenly, almost overnight, you are living large and have been put in charge (ooh, nice rhyme!) of an entire country’s food supply. You get married, have some kids, wear nice clothes, and ride in fancy cars.

Then one day, the very same family members who got you into this mess show up because they are hungry and you have all the food.

What would you do?

Share your answer in the comments. I’ll be back tomorrow with my thoughts on the chapter.

7 responses

  1. So you say I “made the most” of a “golden opportunity”, and earned prestige, power, and the love of a spouse in the process. Sounds like I must be a capable and emotionally mature adult. Were I still bitterly clinging to (or worse, defeatedly crushed under) the wrongs done to me in the past, I doubt I’d have the wherewithal to make the most of an opportunity, especially if the opportunity was so dependent on other people’s opinion of my character (you don’t put a small, bitter man in charge of your nation’s food supply. Nor, if you’re a chick, do you marry him.)

    So, if my family comes to me for help, and I’ve managed to turn into a well-adjusted and emotionally healthy adult, then I guess I’d, at worst, treat them like everybody else. And at best, I’d treat them as family. It depends on how I let go of my baggage. Did I release their attachment to me along with the baggage they left me with, or did I keep them in my heart and learn to forgive them?

    • “Did I release their attachment to me along with the baggage they left me with, or did I keep them in my heart and learn to forgive them?”

      Oh. my. goodness. Gonna have to pray through this a little bit tonight. That’s a pretty significant issue right there.

    • You bring up some excellent points sir. Particularly about who one would put in charge of a nation’s food supply. I do get the feeling that Joseph has managed to let go of the pain in some pretty significant ways.

  2. No, doubt: I’d have let them starve.

    God’s working with me on this. I’m now at the point where I would have given them food, but I would have made them pay for it.

    Still working…obviously.

  3. I’d have to stay hidden for a while, have a good cry, get settled. I’d like to observe them for a while, unrecognized, so I could get the feel for what they were like now, see if life had softened them at all. Nothing like a little time to get peaceful and brave to help me respond in kindness, even to nasty people.

    • I hear ya. I wonder if Joseph had that option? Like was he just doing his job and then all of a sudden they come into the room leaving him no time to think about how to react? But I like your reaction. Take some time, collect yourself and focus on being kind.

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