1 Samuel 4: Eli and Sons (Video Blog)

Back by popular demand! Another little diddy about Bible people.

You’re losing to the Philistines
They beat you once. They are winning this war
And even though you brought the ark
They beat you down just like they did before

You shouldn’t need to ask me why
Remember all the things that I have said
Your sons, Phinehas and Hophni
They blasphemed God and now they are both dead

And it was all your fault this time
And it was your life on the line
You fell and broke your neck and died
Didn’t you, my dear?

If you liked that one, check out my other song, “Hey There, Delilah!”

Why do I always write songs about Philistines?

4 responses

  1. Hey, I recognized that tune. Not bad for an old fart. My family loves Mumford and Sons. Nate (age 17) is going to see them in Feb.

    My Masters thesis was on Eli and Sons (Priests), Samuel and Sons (Judges) and David and Sons (Kings). The whole dynastic thing didn’t work out too well in any of those cases.

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