Numbers 7: Spreadsheets Are Helpful

Clocking in at a whopping 89 verses, Numbers 7 is the longest chapter in the Bible so far. I was dreading it. But as I started reading, I noticed a little pattern forming.

The chapter chronicles the “opening ceremonies” of the completed tabernacle. It lasts 12 days and on each day, the next tribe brings their gifts.

12 days and 12 gifts. If only I could think of some clever song to tell that story . . . nope. I got nothin’.

Streamlining the Bible

What I saw very quickly in Numbers 7 was that each tribe brings exactly the same thing as a gift. (if it were a wedding, that would be suuuuper awwwwwkward!) And each time a tribe brings their gift, we get a detailed explanation of what they brought.

So basically, it says the same thing twelve times.

So inefficient!

Well, I thought I would help the Bible out a bit. It needs to get with modern times. So I made a spreadsheet that pretty much sums up the whole chapter.

Oh, and guess what program I used to do it . . .

This is probably the most complex spreadsheet I have ever made.

The Other Stuff That Happens

When the 12 days of Tabernacle are done, Moses goes into the tent and God starts talking to him from between the two Cherubim. I don’t really know how this is different from all the other times God has spoken to Moses (almost every chapter starts with “The LORD spoke to Moses) but it seems pretty important.

Oh, the program I used was Numbers! Boom!

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  1. I was just reading Numbers 7 and thought they sure could’ve used an Excel spreadsheet back then. I then realized that someone somewhere created one. I was right. Thanks for your diligence and patience—we have all benefited.

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